Thank You Fred

I want to acknowledge a wonderful friend and mentor, Fred Scaglione, who passed away two years ago on August 6th.

Fred Scaglione gave me an opportunity to write as a volunteer blogger for six years for his publication, the New York Nonprofit Press (NYNP) E-Newsletter’s “Around The Blogs” column. Writing has always been one of my favorite activities and it was wonderful to see my work in print. My posts covered a range of topics—career development, employment, education, intimate partner violence, religion, mental health, social justice, and many others.

As much as I loved writing my blog, there were days when it was very taxing and I thought of discontinuing. But I pushed through because of Fred’s encouragement and support of my work. Fred never hesitated to tell me how much he appreciated my contributions to his publication.

Fred lived and worked outside of New York City, where I live. It took a few years for us to meet in person. When we finally met, I just could not stop hugging him!! He was truly a good friend and mentor to me.

When Fred published his book “Home Visit”, a mystery that focuses on the child welfare system, I had no idea he was even writing a book. And in gratitude for his support of me, I wanted to support his effort and immediately purchased a copy. When Fred found out, he thanked me and asked if I wanted it autographed. Of course I did!! His autograph statement read “To Janice, Thanks for all your great blog posts over the years. I hope you enjoy this!” Fred. And yes, I did enjoy reading “Home Visit.” I so wish Fred had lived to write more books. I believed he planned to write a series of books based on “Home Visit’s” main character, Stevie Corra, a former NYPD narcotics detective and caseworker. “Home Visit” received positive reviews on Amazon and is available for purchase.

And when I published my first book, “What Were They Thinking? Behaviors and Attitudes That Can Ruin a Job Interview” I naturally dedicated it to Fred. Regrettably, he did not live to see its publication. He would have been very proud of me.

Thank you Fred. You will always hold a place in my heart and in my life.

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